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​Received Kita Ward SDGs promotion company certification

Kita-ku, Tokyo SDGs Promotion Company Certification Systemcertifies companies that respect the philosophy of the SDGs and take active and continuous efforts to achieve the SDGs through their business as SDGs-promoting companies in Kita-ku, Tokyo, and supports their efforts. Our aim is to increase the growth and value of businesses, lead to the revitalization of local communities and the continued development of businesses, and contribute to the resolution of social issues.

Moriyasu Corporation joined the group.

MORIYASU logo.png

Moriyasu Corporation Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1986, we are a trading company specializing in stainless steel needle cannulas (cut tubes with cutting edges).

Even if we manufacture according to the specifications given by our customers, and even if the specifications remain the same for decades, we will continue to supply products of superior quality without sacrificing originality through our motto of "confirmation and improvement" and careful and meticulous work. I'm here.

The world's medical equipment is becoming more and more advanced, and highly specialized technical capabilities are required.
In order to meet the needs of our customers, we boldly take on the challenge of even very special requests and supply them with pride as a pioneer in the advanced medical field.

「健康優良企業 銀の認定」を取得いたしました

株式会社ゴカ は、2022年7月6日に健康保険組合連合会東京連合会より、「健康優良企業 銀の認定」を取得いたしました。


European medical device regulations effective May 2021

Started shipping stainless steel for injection needles that complies with cobalt regulations.

medical room.jpg

We have started handling stainless steel for injection needles that comply with the Cobalt Regulation (Co Regulation) of the European Medical Device Regulation (MDR), which will be enforced in May 2021.

MDR is a regulation for selling medical devices in Europe, and is an approval system that is more stringent than the previous Medical Device Directive (MDD). MDR applies the Regulation on Classification, Labeling and Packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP), and targets cobalt (Co) contained in stainless steel as a carcinogen. %It is less than.

In response to requests from domestic and international medical device manufacturers, our group discusses alloy design (component adjustment) with raw material manufacturers. As a result, we were able to realize supply within 2020. Approximately 13% of the total amount used by our customers will be subject to Co regulations in May 2021, and we have already been approached for a quantity equivalent to approximately 6% of that amount.

Many domestic and foreign manufacturers are either unable to comply with the latest regulations, or even if they are able to comply, the order lots are large, and as medical device manufacturers are faced with cost constraints, there is an increasing trend of switching from other companies' materials. You can also see

There will be two types of operation with the current material, and we are currently adjusting the operation in order to realize the same small-lot support as the current material.

This material has been selected for its "small diameter" applications, such as those used for insulin and cosmetic applications, such as "painless needles," and is currently being used all over the world. Our needle sales share (*1) is approximately 52% domestically and 58% overseas (*2), with an average of approximately 56%, and our quality superiority is widely recognized in the needle market, and we have maintained a high share. I am.

*1: Targeting 29 domestic and overseas companies


*2: Main countries are Southeast Asia, South Korea, China, India, and the EU.

*3: Features

① Workability that does not break even if the drawing rate is increased
Syringe needles are manufactured by welding the end faces of raw materials to produce a raw tube, and then stretching the raw tube into a thinner tube. For insulin, etc.
A raw tube with a diameter of 4.0 mm and a wall thickness of 0.2 mm was pulled out, and heat treatment was repeated several times to obtain an outer diameter of 0.18 mm and a wall thickness of 0.05 mm.
I'm going to stretch it out. What is important in this process is "workability that does not break even if the drawing rate is increased" and "workability that does not break even when drawn thinly".
Stability of welded parts of raw pipes that do not break.
Our stainless steel for injection needles is within the SUS304 composition system according to Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and American Iron and Steel Institute Standards (AISI).

We have realized a component system that suppresses work hardening and increases moldability.

② Stability of the welded part of the raw pipe and the cut end surface of the material, which will not break even if stretched thinly
The medical device manufacturer agreed on the fracture surface and shear surface ratio that would be easy to weld, and determined the total length of the coil (0.2mm: approximately 4,000M).
Supplied with the same end surface properties. This material is a steel type developed with the premise of versatility in forming by medical device manufacturers.

Indian Industrial Standard (IS6911:2017)
Regarding certification of target products

Our main supplier (Nippon Metal) is certified under the Indian Industrial Standard (IS 6911:2017 Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip) for "Cold Rolled Stainless Steel Strip".

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