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as international trading company

We are proud of our industry's top-class technology, Nippon Kinzoku Co,.Ltd.
We have been cooperating with manufacturers for a long time.

We provide our customers with a variety of high quality materials to suit their needs. Please feel free to contact us when you have an idea.
We can also prepare samples for trial production, short delivery times, and in very small lots.

China, Korea, Thailand, India and the rest of Asia and
we do business with a wide range of companies as far as Europe.
Please feel free to contact us regardless of domestic or international markets.
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Stainless steel foil (less than 0.1 mm)



NK-41MF(Duplex stainless steel)

  roll forming

We will use MDR-compliant cobalt-reducing materials and other materials. 
Please contact us for materials that comply with the latest medical standards.


    deformed steel

 (high precision and high quality)

grating material

molded steel 


      precision tube

     (lightweight and high strength)

    precision tubes

(high precision and high quality)

Lubricated Stainless 

Other products we handle

High-precision materials, stainless steel foil (less than 0.1mm) SS finish HA finish NK-430MA/NK-436L-NB TA and STA finish PF finish PW finish nanoBA finish L-Core L-DieL HS finish and nanoHS finish NK-301ZF Lubricated Stainless Steel
NK-304NKM NK-43FS Heat-treated steel strip NK-41MF(Duplex) bainite steel strip TF steel strip Precision hardening steel strip
Deformed Steel Precision Tube FINE PEEK-ST column (PEEK resin/stainless steel)Steel Products Roll Forming for Grating
All stainless steel slide rail Ultra thin directional electromagnetic steel band GTseries Ultra thin non-directional electromagnetic steel band STseries Iron core, reactor, etc.
AZ31B (warm workability), LZ91 (ultra-lightweight), AM60 (high strength, high corrosion resistance)

Various medical equipment parts for manufacturing injection needles

Our group company, Moriyasu Corporation Co., Ltd., also handles parts for manufacturing injection needles for various medical devices.

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